Moving on, and slides from my Composer and Drupal 8 talk

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After 5 years and 8 months of hard work and joy alongside the wonderful team at Code Enigma, last March I decided it was time for me to move on to something new, stretch myself a little bit, and discover some new grounds in the Drupal world.

Excluding some part-time jobs I had taken while studying at the university, and one research and development position at the university’s technological park, my job at Code Enigma was the first “real” job I ever got after finishing my studies. In retrospective, looking at how much I’ve learned during these near 6 years, and all the opportunities I’ve had there, I wouldn’t change it for anything. Working for clients such as The Economist, Le Figaro, the United Nations, the Wellcome Trust, or the UK’s National STEM Centre, just to name a few, has been an incredible experience. It’s funny that it all started thanks to this tweet:

After a (thoroughly enjoyed) break of one month and a half, two weeks ago I started to work at Bluespark, another Drupal agency from the US. Having now fully landed, I’m really happy to be there, and to have the chance to work with people that I’ve known and admired for quite some time.

Exploring Composer in Drupal 8: Drupal-project

As it happens, I didn’t just chill during that 6-week break. I decided to submit a session to DrupalCamp Madrid 2017, which was accepted. The session was about integrating Composer in Drupal 8, using Drupal-project. You can find the session description here, and watch the video below, thanks to the awesome people at Autentia that took care of the video recordings:

Links and references

  • Drupal-project session description: link.
  • Exploring Composer in Drupal 8 with Drupal-project session video: link.
  • Links to the videos of the other Drupalcamp sessions: link.


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