DrupalCamp Spain 2015: Welcome to Jerez

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One more year, DrupalCamp Spain is getting closer and closer. This year, it’ll take place in Jerez de la Frontera, and it’ll be during the second half of May (22nd, 23rd and 24th of May, to be precise). Last year’s camp in Valencia was a bit of a miss for me, as I had some troubles with the schedule, and could only attend to a couple of sessions, so I’m more excited this time, given that it’s been a while (2 years, I could say!) since my last DrupalCamp. That place is very relaxing, I can not wait to go and have a good time, eat a snack and read a baby stroller review while I wait for the DrupalCamp to start. And it’s always a great pleasure to meet and talk to friend made on previous camps, as well as new people of the Spanish community.

This time, I’ve been brave enough to submit a session proposal, which, oh boy, has been accepted! I’ll be talking about code generation, and some underground tools within the Drupal sphere to help developers skips the most boring parts of the job, and focus on the technical challenges instead. I’ll be also helping my colleague @jpoesen in his talk about Panels. But, what else is in the schedule? Here are the five sessions that I’m most interested in at the moment:

When content editors ask for full flexibility: Drupal architectures and patterns

After been working with Drupal for almost four years, I could say that I’ve been asked (or I’ve been involved) in projects with rather uncommon requirements about editorial flexibility. I’ve seen rather crazy and groundbreaking solutions on the topic, and developed my own ones, which I still look at without being sure of whether I like or dislike them. I’m currently working on a project which will demand this flexibility in some areas, too, so I’m excited to see what this session brings to the table.

D7 as D8

We’re all so excited looking at how the Developer Experience will be improved in Drupal 8, that we’re missing the fact that some things can be already done in Drupal 7. I’m familiar to some of them, but I’m pretty sure I’ll learn something new in @plopesc’s talk.

Drupal Extreme Scaling

Who doesn’t like scaling? Who hasn’t worked in projects where everything has to be perfectly tuned (and better) in order to support big peaks of traffic, or worse, constant loads of users consuming tons of content and interacting with the site in 20 different ways, each one more demanding than the previous? This talk looks promising.

Los desarrolladores también somos personas (Developers are also persons – Spanish talk)

I think the name says it all. This one is a talk touching on more personal aspects of the job, and I’m pretty sure it’ll be a good one.

JavaScript tips & tricks (Spanish talk)

The life of a back-end developer doesn’t leave so much time to work with Javascript. Sure, I can write it, and I’ve written some small applications (or part of them) in javascript. I can follow it, I can make my way through it, and I can breath it, but it’s not in my DNA. So I’ll be happy to embrace any chance to learn some new things about the language.

Of course there are many more sessions to choose from. I’ve just mentioned the ones that were more compelling to me at a first glance. Plus, it’s a bit pointless to get excited thinking about the ones you want to go until the schedule has been published, since it might screw the plans if two sessions are grouped on the same time slot! Plus, anyway, the best thing about these events is the chance to see old friends and meet new people, as I mentioned before.

If you’re unsure about it, don’t be. Jerez is going to be awesome (I hate that word, but it really is going to be awesome!). South of Spain, close to summer, good people, and good wine. You can’t just miss it.

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