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Yes, the title is right, and no, I’m not embarassed of saying that I’m finally making use of this blog, and that it all has happened, in part, thanks to a free 3-week blogging course from John Sonmez that I recently signed up for.

So who’s that John Sonmez guy? Well, I came across his website a few months ago, when reading one of Derick Bailey’s newsletters in which John’s site (Simple Programmer) was linked, or mentioned in some way. The first thought that struck my mind was that the site was probably some kind of developer community, given the visual design and the topics of some of the posts, but I was totally wrong. It was “just” his personal blog, and I have to say a rather good one, because all the materials and professional advice one can find in there have an incredible value.

So you needed a blogging course to blog?

Not really. I just needed this particular one, because of the motivational dimension it has. While the course is also a great resource for people with no or little technical skills that need to get set up quickly, or need a tool to simply let their voice be heard, in my particular case that wasn’t the issue. Some part of me was just resistant to do it. That’s where the 3-week format shines, with 2 emails being sent every week. For me, those emails were like the little voice, the conscience pushing me to take action. I just needed that little push. Because I already wanted to do it.

I wanted to do it because it’ll help me improve my written English (I’m not a native speaker).

I wanted to do it because it’d force me out of my comfort zone.

I wanted to do it because it’d force me to improve the way I communicate and explain things.

I wanted to do it because I think I have, from time to time, interesting things to say.

In short: I wanted to do it because I’m genuinely convinced that it’ll be good for me and my career. If I do well, maybe it’s even valuable and useful for other developers getting here just by chance. If something I write is useful for any dev out there, this is already worth it.

So far I’m doing well. I committed to a writing schedule, I’m sticking to it, and I’ve plenty of things to investigate and write about for the next weeks. Oh, and the most important thing: I’m enjoying it.

There’s little else to say, other than a word of advice: If you want to write in a blog, and there’s something holding you back, go and check it. If that’s not your case, but you are a software developer, go and check it too. You won’t regret it.

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