Anything but Tangerines – Version 2 HD Remake Ultra Plus Alpha Enhanced Edition


This was meant to be an entry in the past. In fact, it was an entry in the past, but it’s not that anymore… I know what I mean.

The fact is that since that October 20th, in 2013, I’ve learned plenty of things. Just to list a few:

  • Despite what you might think, leaving your server unattended for several months, is not a good idea.
  • Forget to sort out the misconfiguration bits you know left behind after installing new software in it, which you promised yourself to fix the day after, is not a good idea, either.
  • The sysadmin of your company won’t fix your badly broken MySQL server with a severely corrupted ib_logfile0, no matter how much he likes you or you like him.
  • If you have bothered to write a silly script to take nightly backups of stuff, push them to a different server, and rotate them keeping the last backups taken, *do* activate it. Your future you will feel less miserable. 100% ego back guaranteed if things go wrong.

And many more, but you get a rough idea with that. I’ll try to put that knowledge in practice more often. Or not, who knows. In any case, purpose of the blog remains the same. I’ll probably write some more stuff than I used to, though.


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